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Fencing is so much more than exercise. Through swordplay you’ll learn how to move efficiently, and how to see your opponent. Discover new strengths, both mental and physical, through recreating this piece of history.

Learn the skills of the heroes of legends ...conveniently. Use our Video Courses to practice where you want, when you want. Need an afternoon pick-me-up?  Are you a night owl that’s Netflixed out?  Your schedule always fits!

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Introduction to Italian Longsword

SwordMates Live

In-depth video series paired with technique demonstrations, training guides, and practice suggestions. 

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Storytime Archive

It's better with friends! A live online beginners class for longsword. They run for 5 weeks. Turn on your web cameras for coaching. Optional equipment package. 

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We have a series of fascinating recorded lectures to give you context for the life of a historical warrior in Europe.

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Modern Masters are within reach

Swordplay Online was created by the Chicago Swordplay Guild, an organization with over 20 years of experience researching and teaching historical European martial arts (HEMA). Now their well-honed lessons are being recorded, reaching students across the globe.


Our instructors have an incredible amount of knowledge to pass on to the next generation. Their mission is the continuation of the art, so it is not lost again. You can be part of history in a very literal way.

Real Historic Sword Fighting

Lessons come from fencing masters from the 1300 - 1600’s. This is a faithful recreation based on surviving source materials (manuscripts, artwork and weaponry), tested by thousands of students on multiple continents.

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