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Swordplay Online is a direct outgrowth of the world-renowned Chicago Swordplay Guild. Founded in 1999, with daughter schools throughout the United States, the Guild had grown large enough to need a living library for its curriculum.  While the martial arts of medieval and Renaissance Italy remain at the core of our offerings, Swordplay Online is its own service, and a complete learning platform for a diverse array of arts and instructors. Please visit often to see new additions to our collection.

You will occasionally see the logo for the International Armizare Society (IAS), which is an historical and chivalric European martial arts confraternal association dedicated to the study, preservation, teaching and transmission of the the Art of Arms (l’arte dell’armizare) of medieval Italy. The Chicago Swordplay Guild is an IAS school, and graciously allowed us to provide you with a few videos they had created for the IAS. Although membership in the Society is distinct and separate from Swordplay Online, we are excited to introduce students to the IAS and its mission by providing this additional content by permission.

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