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Coming January 2021

Experience the thrill of swordplay at home.

Find an 8'X5' space to play, and we'll supply:

  • Remote instruction for safe training at home

  • 2 Training Swords

  • 2 Fencing Masks and Gloves

Conquer boredom.

Packages Good for:

Pandemic Bubble Cohorts, Siblings, Busom Buddies, BFF's, Significant Others, or Parent and Kid.
(we recommend at least one designated adult per pair. )

Four Packages: It's Better With Friends!

Don't need everything in a package?

Visit our Plans & Pricing page for information on just the instruction. 

Need some additional equipment?

Visit our Pro-Shop by HEMA Wear to fill in those gaps.


Live Class Schedule

Taste of the Knightly Arts

A live course with 20 lessons, 1 hour each.


Nov 16

Meets Mondays and Wednesdays

5:00 pm ET / 6 CT / 7 MT / 8 PT 

Drills for Skills

Mondays and Wednesdays:

11:45 pm ET /12:45 CT /1:45 MT /2:45 PT

9:00 am ET /10 CT /11 MT /12 PT

Ongoing class of instructor lead solo practice of forms, cuts, and more.

30 minutes long.

Taste of the Knightly Arts

A live course with 20 lessons, 1 hour each.


Jan 4

Meets Mondays and Wednesdays

5:00 pm ET / 6 CT / 7 MT / 8 PT 

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How Does It Work?

Tell me about the training...

Video Training

Picture this: You and your friend watch a video lesson. You try the footwork and swordwork, getting the feel for it.

Whenever it suits your schedule, you meet to drill the next lesson together. You take turns: A designated person starts, and the other responds - slowly and gently at first - each person trying to be an accurate, reliable partner. Sometimes it works great, and sometime you're both chuckling at being imperfectly human. You're learning and growing in skill together.

Discover questions? Pop up the video or open the handouts on your smartphone as a refresher.

Live Online Training

Picture this: You and your buddy meet up, and both join the web class with you laptop or smartphones. You watch as your instructor demonstrates today's lesson. As you practice, they call out some coaching tips, since they can see you through both your cameras, at two different angles. Maybe you ask a few questions, and get an answer complete with a quick demo. It all works better than expected.

You may end up wanting more practice once class is over, and that's where the video lessons help out even more, reminding you of the drills and the techniques.


Before long, you two are getting the hang of it. The sword is flowing, the techniques are working, and you feel pretty awesome.  Maybe you do some light, controlled sparing, thrilling in exercising your first skills at the longsword, and eager for the next challenge!

2019-08-12 19.24.41.jpg

More About Equipment:

When training, both partners should use swords of the same material. This is why we do not offer a mix of steel and plastic trainers together in the same package.

Plastic Swords

We've tried many synthetic trainers and recommend the Rawlings plastic longsword. It's much lighter than a steel weapon, but it's balanced properly. Its weight and its material makes it suitable for kids as well as adults.

These plastic trainers are perfect for beginners with a smaller budget, younger partner, or nervous first-timer. And, you can skip cleaning and oiling. These can't rust!

For more info, visit our ProShop.

Rawlings Plastic Trainer.jpg
Steel Swords

Our steel swords are Tinker brand and were developed by HEMA practitioners for regular practice. All trainers have blunt edges and rounded tips. These are properly balanced, sturdy, and very affordable for steel. Paired with a scabbard, they make for stylish sword. As a bonus, we are including wall brackets to display your new prize possession.

Care for these is the same as any steel weapon: keep it oiled!

For more, visit our Pro-Shop at HEMA Wear.

Fencing Masks

The Three-Weapon fencing mask is a basic piece of equipment all fencers have. These are rated for use with longswords - both plastic and steel - and are suitable for the lessons provided with the Swordmates package.

These are easy to get on and off, and perfect for beginning longsword students who are not yet sparring at full speed. As you advance in your studies you'll likely collect additional gear, but this piece will always be a go-to.

For more information, such as sizing, visit our Pro-Shop.

Fencing Gloves

A light set of padded leather gloves are great addition to any HEMA practitioner. These are easy to get on and off, and are good protection for the light contact drilling of beginners, without sacrificing dexterity.

Like with the masks, this is a fundamental piece of equipment for students of all skill levels. As you advance in your studies, you will add other kinds of hand protection such as rigid plates or metal gauntlets, but these will never be obsolete for on-going practice.

For info on sizing, visit our Pro-Shop.

Padded Gloves.jpg
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