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Our Courses

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Have an appetite for history? Get excited to pick up a sword by learning about the real people who practiced these martial arts, and the world they lived in! See our home page for info our our next live Storytime lecture.

Sign up for a free membership to access past lectures on juicy topics like: stories of real judicial duels, the life and times of fencing masters, and tales of the Condotierri (medieval Italian mercenaries). 

Introduction to Italian Longsword

Our Medieval series of courses begins with Introduction to Italian Longsword.

In just a handful of core practice forms, you'll learn the basic moves needed to fence like an Italian Knight. More than just videos, we include training guides with terminology definitions, lesson plans, and historical context.  There's even an option for live online classes (Drills for Skills).

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Introduction to Italian Rapier

Our Renaissance series focuses on the famous rapier you know from classic stories like The Three Muskateers, Zoro, and the Princess Bride. This iconic weapon was condensed by Italian masters into just 4 guards, and some very specialized movements.


We'll introduce you the romantic art of the duel with our new videos series, complete with practice guides and handouts. 

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