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OMG. When I parry I feel like an action star! Two thumbs up!


- Sara G.

Haverhill, MA

Experience the Thrill of Swordplay at Home

Online classes teach you real historical fencing with safe and easy lessons for two. 

Our curriculum is over 20 years in the making, and pulled straight from 15th century manuscripts.



I think my favorite part is how I just move better now - like through life. Better balance, better posture... I didn't know I'd get that too.

- Aaron P.

Chicago, IL


Grab a partner.
We can handle everything else.

The device you are on right now, can access classes.

We have equipment packages to get you started. 

It's never been easier to learn the knightly arts.





Step 1:  Instruction

Video Classes

Medieval Online

$19.95 / month

3 Day Free Trial

  • Unlimited Views

  • Authentic Medieval Cirriculum

  • Bonus Longsword Content

  • Bonus History Lectures

Streaming Classes

Medieval + Live

$59.95 / month

3 Day Free Trial

  • All Video Material Included

  • Live Online Beginner Course
    (Next session starts April 27)

  • On-going Live Practice Classes

Fun Fact:  Fencing doesn't need great strength. Longswords weigh about 3 lbs. Synthetic trainers are even lighter. 

Step 2: Equipment

Special Offer - Save Up to $80 off equipment, with any new Medieval membership!

Beginners Package 
Synthetic Trainers

  • Synthetic Longsword Trainer

  • Fencing Mask

  • Padded Fencing Gloves

$244.95 Per Person

$204.95 With Member Discount

sold by:

Beginners Package
Steel TRainers

  • Steel Longsword Trainer

  • Matching Scabbard

  • Fencing Mask

  • Padded Fencing Gloves

$479.95 Per Person

$399.95 With Member Discount

sold by:

Ready to Begin?

Start with a membership, and get an equipment discount!

It's Easy to Train at Home

Find a space roughly 8X5 ft (an average area rug), and you have a training salle.

Place your laptop, or mobile device where you can see it. If you are in a live class, turn on your webcam for coaching tips.

Train Safely

In a beginner class, you're working out the movements for proper cuts and defenses. Control is a big focus, and all contact should be gentle. By moving slowly, you're learning how to be accurate, efficient, and a good training partner. 

And remember to wear your mask! 

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