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This is Heading 1

Oswald Extra Light - This is a main header - not the biggest, just the most common. It can be used for page titles, and small headers.

Heading 2

This header is good for sub-headings. slightly smaller than the main header.

Heading 3

Oswals Medium - This is for good for subheadings to h1 or h2.

Heading 4

Cinzel - Header 4 is a specialty header

Heading 5

Heading 5 - big, for when it's needs to be called out.

Heading 6

I'm paragraph 1, and the most comment text in the site. I need to be easily readable when there is lots and lots of text. I should also conserve space, but not be too cluttered.  Also, this is what links looks like - they should be in the our blue color.

I'm a paragraph 2. I'm used for blocks of called out text.

I'm a paragraph 3. I'm used for fine print. 


Text and lines are a dark gray

This is a light area background color for small call out blocks

Clickable things should be this color


Big color areas. Need white text over this. #4D765B

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